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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning would determine where your organization would be in the near or far future, how it’s going to get there and what to do to get there.

We understand that every organization is unique in its own way, we tailor our service to meet your organizational culture, complexity of your environment and the size. We help organizations in defining strategies to fulfill their ambition.

Strategies that win in today’s market

How would strategic planning benefit your business?

  • It clearly defines the main purpose of your organization, the goals and objective, how and when to implement, meet your goals and objectives within a define time frame.
  • It communicates your goals and objectives within the organization
  • It gives you a total ownership of the plan.
  • It ensures you make effective use of your resources by focusing these resources on the key priorities.
  • It would build strong team relationship within your organization.
  • It would increase productivity from increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • It would resolve the major challenges of your business.

How can you put a strategic plan in place in your business? USC is here to put these plans in place for you. In order to succeed, you must have a plan. This is where we’ll help you develop that plan in a way that leads to success.

Attention to detail enables us to equip our clients with the skills and information required to reach sound business decisions and have an increased business growth.

Our consultant will facilitate meetings, conduct research, identify requirements and gather the necessary data to develop the strategic plan for the service operation. We also create the planning documents and provide an executive presentation to communicate the strategy to senior management and the staff.

Our Project Managers use their experience, practical knowledge, and emotional intelligence to collaborate with our client organisations to ensure the programme delivers to the strategy and the benefits realisation of the project objectives.

Critical Success Factors

  • One on One Relationship with our Clients
  • Focus on key business issues(threats/risks) and devise solutions
  • How to acquire paying customers which leads to wealth creation and maintain them
    Fit-Gap Analysis
  • Competitive rates for our Services whilst maintaining quality service
  • Our services measures up with the Big Four Companies, namely (KPMG, Accenture, Ernst & Young, Delloitte)

Strategy Specialists

Hope Adebisi
Head of Strategy
+234 (0) 906 000 0201
Daniel Oni
Senior Advisor
+234 (0) 906 000 0202
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