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Consulting Approach

Our approach combines technology expertise with practical experience. How do we do this and how are we different?

We have 7 points winning approaches used to ensure we provide a top-notch service to deliver the agreed result for your business.

Step 1 – Understanding Your Business

The first step is to understand your business; we will carry out a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your Businesses. Where you are and where you intend to go. The purpose of this is to give us insight to your business and to develop a personal understanding of your business. This will unlock the potentials of your business and opportunities to help your business growth.

Step 2 – Understanding Your Customers and Your Target Market

We then proceed to the second step; Understanding your target market and customers’ needs by using our customized structured analytical approach. The purpose is to identify further opportunities for business growth and to identify if external and internal views are the same.

Step 3 – Workshop / Face To Face Meeting

Next, we’ll conduct our ‘Positioning Workshop’. Whilst up to now we will have worked mainly with the business leader, in this step we open up our discussions to include your senior staff. For this we bring you our Unique Selling Proposition ( USP) & Positioning Analysis tool. This workshop approach engages and motivates the key staff in the process, captures the good ideas they have and secures their commitment to implementation.

Step 4 – Quick Wins

Following this we identify the highest value quick wins to increase sales and increase profit .We bring these opportunities back to senior management to agree which of the proposed approaches will be implemented.

Step 5 – Implementation

From the work we have done in the previous four steps, we formulate the blueprint for your future success. The Action Plan is your road map for strategically building and improving your business. As we accompany you in this journey we can, together with your key staff, drive the business to deliver the business results you desire.

Step 6 – Systemisation

‘Auto-piloting’ the business is an absolutely vital measure in the Process. Without this important step the company can degenerate back to its prior state. Procedures, policies and systems must be developed and put in place so as to realise the true capital value of the business and for it to become ‘investor ready’.

Step 7 – Project Management

Here is the final step that sets you free from the day-to-day drudgery of running the business. The Client Management Process puts in place the permanent success foundations and guarantees your success. Now you can, should you wish, decide upon your ‘exit strategy’.

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